A New Year’s resolution that helps you keep all the others!

New Year resolution

Made your new year’s resolutions?  If you have it’s a fair bet it’s one of the ten most popular resolutions made by Britons every year (see panel below).  And despite our reputation for being a nation with bulldog like tenacity, it’s also a fair bet that most of us will have given up on them before January is out!

But if you’re determined to see your resolutions through, there’s a strategy for success that has worked for many, and may do for you too: go in for a loft conversion!  How on earth, you may ask, can a loft conversion help you achieve what will power alone cannot?

Well, think about it.  If, like most, your number one resolution is to get fitter and healthier, what better incentive could there be than to convert your loft to a home gym?  Creating a dedicated space for working out is a moral (and financial) commitment that will put steel in your determination to go the full distance.

Loft gym

Needless to say, it will also help you with resolutions numbers 2 & 3 – to drink less alcohol and lose weight, if only because you’ll be sweating it out of yourself!  And as you get into the whole keep fit ethos, the will to stop smoking (resolution number 5) should come easier too.

As a bonus you’ll save on gym fees, and more than get your money back on the investment (a loft conversion can add 20% to the value of your property).  It may not get you out of debt (resolution number 4), but if you can afford the outlay you can certainly expect to make financial capital on the deal.

Other changes of life that people contemplate at the turn of the year are resolutions numbers 6 & 8 (a change of career or starting up their own business).  Again, converting your loft to a home office, studio or workshop can put you well on the way to realising those ambitions.  See our recent blog on Running Your Own Business from Home, which will give you a number of inspiring ideas and practical advice in that direction.

Resolution number 7 – to spend more time with friends and family – comes a lot closer to reality when you convert your loft to a guest bedroom.  It’s great for party stopovers or reuniting scattered families at seasonal get-togethers.

Converting your loft into a self-contained flat my not help you find the love of your life (resolution number 10), but it might create a cosy love nest for grown up son or daughter and their partner whilst they save up for a place of their own.

Loft conversion

Add space in your home with a loft conversion

One resolution a loft conversion can’t help you with is to travel more (resolution number 9), although the profit you make on it could give you the wherewithal.  Still, achieving 9 out of 10 New Year’s resolutions isn’t bad, I think you’ll agree.  And here’s the best bit.  Since the average loft conversion only takes six weeks to build, you’ll have no trouble keeping your resolutions indefinitely!



  1. Get fitter and healthier (63 per cent)
    2. Drink less alcohol (57 per cent)
    3. Lose weight (34 per cent)
    4. Get out of debt (26 per cent)
    5. Stop smoking (22 per cent)
    6. Find a new job/change career (18 per cent)
    7. Spend more time with friends/family (14 per cent)
    8. Start my own business (11 per cent)
    9. Travel more (9 per cent)
    10. Find love (7 per cent)
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