Convert your loft to a ‘sanctuary’ – woman’s answer to the ‘man cave!’


If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, a way to a woman’s is through her wardrobe, a ploy that Tom Selleck takes full advantage of in ‘Sex and the City’, when he shows Sarah Jessica Parker the wall-to-wall mirror fronted wardrobes he’s had fitted in their new apartment.  Watch the clip here and you’ll understand why the premiere showing of this film drew a collective gasp from the women in the audience!

Here at Herts & Essex Lofts we’re equal opportunity suppliers, and following our last blog, where we offered our expert advice on creating a man cave, we thought it only fair to redress the balance by offering a few tips on converting your loft into a ‘sanctuary’ for the woman of the house.

Wall-to-Wall Wardrobes

A fitted wardrobe that crosses several time zones and comes complete with an Imelda Marcos-style ‘shoe room’ is obviously a key design ingredient.  In a loft space with sloping ceilings, this obviously needs to be custom-built, something that our very own carpenter makes a speciality of!

Beyond that, you wouldn’t want to neglect such essentials as a Jacuzzi bath or home spa; a film star style dressing table with a bulb-fringed mirror; and a conversation pit and cocktail bar where you can enjoy uninhibited girl talk and gossip with your mates!

You can rely on our expert help in designing and building it, and when it comes to furnishings and fittings you might also find the following links helpful.

Jacuzzi / Home Spa

For relaxation and revival after a stressful day with boss, ‘better’ half or kids, nothing compares with a long hot soak in a Jacuzzi or home spa with E.L. James or Julia Quinn’s latest bestseller to keep you company.

Depending on the space available we can accommodate them in an en suite to your loft living area. Fitting them is all part of the job at Herts & Essex Lofts.   Just check out your ‘must have’ bathroom furnishings here and here.

Conversation Pit

Those gorgeous soft sunken seating areas that were once exclusive to California beach houses and New York lofts are no longer beyond your wildest dreams.  True, you might not go as far as a sunken floor, but you can achieve much the same effect with modular soft furnishings that can be arranged in a semi-enclosed seating area – with an abundance of Kasbah style cushions.  Check out the relatively inexpensive options at Ikea here.  And B&Q’s Kasbah range here.

A central coffee table cum cocktail bar piled with copies of Vogue, Cosmo and Grazia completes the deliciously decadent scene!  Check out bar requisites at Drinkstuff

Mini Dance Studio / Ballet Barre

Your ‘sanctuary’ is primarily designed for chillaxing, so how far you take the exercise element is up to you.  But for a decorous and none-too-strenuous workout, a few twirls in a tutu or leotard might fit the bill nicely!  If you want to go for the full Ballet Russe bit, you might consider installing a full length mirror and barre, fronted by a square yard or two of parquet flooring (as used in professional dance studios).   Check out the options here.

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