Cure your Downton Abbey envy with a loft conversion!

At this time of year, when our thoughts turn to entertaining family and friends – be it a select dinner party or mass gathering of the clan! – it’s hard not to feel a twinge of envy for the Downton Abbey set with their ten or twenty room mansions!  In many modern homes – especially suburban terraces – a spare bedroom, let alone a separate dining room, is  something of a luxury.

Which is where, of course, a loft conversion comes into its own.  Admittedly you’d probably have to draw the line at entertaining in the style of Lady Crawley, but having said that a little imagination can give you a lot more scope than you might have thought.

For example, whilst a guest bedroom is usually the most popular use for a loft conversion, its great value is its versatility.  A put-you-up sofa – and there are some really quite luxurious ones on the market that transform themselves into very comfortable double beds – means you can use your loft space as a second lounge, TV or rumpus room during the day and a bedroom at night.

And with a leaf table and some stackable designer chairs – like the iconic cocktail       coloured Jacobsen chairs (made famous by Mandy Rice Davies!) – you can also turn it into a very presentable dining room where you can entertain in style.

Some of our clients have added a small galley kitchen as an annexe to their loft conversion, which makes it doubly (or trebly!) versatile as a dining room cum second lounge cum bed sit!  And the practical possibilities don’t end there. Your dining table can double as a desk or work table, turning your loft into an impressive home office or studio.

And if that’s the advantage of converting your loft in terms of day-to-day living, think of its long term value as your life or family circumstances change.  Today’s nursery can become tomorrow’s play room, and today’s guest bedroom can become tomorrow’s granny flat.

It all goes to show that ingenuity is as good as money in the bank when it comes to getting the best value out of available space. And as we’ve often pointed out in our blogs, it’s an investment you can capitalise on if and when you come to move, typically adding 20% to the market value of properties in the north London areas.

Change is a constant is all our lives, and a loft conversion we can put to multiple uses makes those changes so much more comfortable – especially when you’re settling back to watch the Downton Abbey Christmas Special with the family!

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