Discover the great indoors with a luxury loft home gym!

Loft Home Gym

It’s not often you can treat yourself to a luxury and persuade yourself it’s good for your health and finances – but converting your loft into a home gym falls into just that category.

It’s a luxury more often associated with the amenities of a smart hotel, and an opportunity to work up a healthy sweat prior to your morning shower; it’ll save on the steep membership fees of a professional gym; and the outlay will be more than recouped by the value a conversion will add to your property.

And that’s just by way of a warm-up.  One of the great things about setting up a loft home gym is that it makes exercise more of a treat than a trial: no turning out on cold, wet and windy mornings – or sub-zero temperatures – for a work out.

It not only takes the discomfort out of being an all-weather athlete but, let’s be honest, makes it less embarrassing. If you’re worried about making a public exhibition of yourself as you jog along the high street in ill-fitting leopard skin leotards and pink trainers, you could wait until you’ve honed your body to physical perfection in your own loft home gym!

Another plus is that your exercise routine need never be boring.  On the contrary, a suitably equipped loft home gym can be tremendous fun.  OK, you could jog along plugged into your iPod at a regular gym, but turning your loft into a dance studio with full-length mirrors, wall-to-wall Hi-Fi and a 50” plasma screen is a bit more aspirational.  And why stop there?  Anyone for virtual tennis with Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Move?

What kind of gym equipment you install – treadmill, exercise bicycle, rowing machine etc – will depend somewhat on your training objectives, preferences and budget.  Specialist suppliers Life Fitness offer a comprehensive range, and also offer finance.

If you’re on a tight budget you might consider shopping for second-hand equipment on eBay, newsagents’ shop windows or the ‘For Sale’ columns of your local newspaper: there’s always someone whose New Year resolutions to get fit didn’t last as long as the kit they bought to achieve it!

Nothing is quite so thrillingly satisfying as a refreshing shower after exercise, and in most loft conversions adding an en-suite shower room is an easy option. There again, if you want to go the whole nine yards, you might consider installing  a home sauna, sunbed or juice bar – with a water cooler, mini-fridge and blender – as features of your loft home gym.

Essentially, converting your loft into a gym is as straightforward as converting it to a bedroom or study, but there are one or two specialist considerations you should be aware of – like the need for floor reinforcement, good ventilation and a plenitude of electrical sockets for powered gym equipment, all of which we will be pleased to advise you on as part of our free design consultation.

To find out how we can help with your loft conversion, call us today on 01279 654 716 or contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation.

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