Five top reasons for converting your loft


They say virtue is its own reward, but by doing your bit for the environment and recycling your loft lumber, you could be in for a bonus: the freedom and luxury of new found living space!

Since a loft conversion rarely requires major structural changes and doesn’t usually need planning permission, it’s one of the easiest and least expensive ways of improving your home. In fact, it will normally add substantially to the value of your property and will recover, if not pay dividends on your investment.

And just think of some of the practical uses to which you can put it:

(1)  Guest Bedroom  The ability to entertain and accommodate visiting friends is one of the most popular reasons for converting your loft, and one that we at Herts and Essex Lofts have made something of a specialty. The addition of an en suite can make it one of the most luxurious rooms in your house: you might even be tempted to make it your own main bedroom!

(2)  Home Office  If you work from home – or you just need somewhere to do the household accounts or answer your emails in peace – a home office is the ideal solution: a clear division between work and family life without leaving home. Add a couple of Velux roof windows and you could also turn your loft into a light-filled studio or workroom.

(3)  Play Room  If you have a young family, or are planning on starting one soon, a play room is a must: a place where the kids can play to their hearts’ content without getting underfoot or leaving a trail of destruction throughout the house! As they get older it can become their ‘den’, or be transformed into a family room or TV lounge (see below).

(4)  TV Lounge  No more battles over sport versus soaps or documentaries versus costume dramas! A TV lounge ensures no-one misses their favourite programmes. It also makes an excellent retreat when you want to surf the net, listen to music, read, sew or practice on your drum kit! A truly versatile – and peace keeping – addition to the family home.

(5)  Gym  Gym and health club subscription fees being what they are, you might find it more economical and enjoyable to create and equip your own home gym and find dedicated space for your exercise bicycle or rowing machine. Add a shower room and a juice bar and you’ll not only have a stunning new loft conversion, you’ll be on your way to a fit and healthy new you!

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