Funky ideas for furnishing your loft conversion

Opening up your loft space not only gives you a new found sense of freedom – it’s also a fantastic opportunity to unleash your imagination and do something a bit different in terms of furnishing and décor.  Let’s suppose you’re furnishing a loft bedroom.  The possibilities are endless, but by way of inspiration, here are a few ideas to prime the pump:

The Bed

Your choice of bed will obviously set the tone for the rest of your design scheme.  Will you go for a modern low-slung divan or a traditional brass bedstead or four-poster?  Nowadays, you can split the difference with a space-age chrome or stainless steel four-poster, or if you really want to challenge convention, how about an indoor hammock?


Your choice of headboard is another opportunity to inject a dash of flair and originality.  You could go down the shabby chic route and recycle an old door, or you could go ethic or oriental and hang a Persian rug at the head of your bed.

      2     3

Another witty solution is to paint a faux headboard on the wall, or apply a decorative mural or transfer.

Wardrobes / Storage

Fitted wardrobes might be the default choice, but there are lots of fun alternatives.  How about a recycled glass-fronted china cabinet for storing shirts, jumpers or bed linen: the more colourful the contents the better.  Or – shabby chic again – why not reclaim an old step ladder as a shoe rack?  If it’s a children’s bedroom with bunk beds, the ‘stairs’ to the top bunk can also double as a novel chest of drawers.

     ladder   bunkbed

And if space is at a premium, don’t forget the option of foldaway or sofa beds (or those with under bed drawers), which give you the added advantage of using your loft bedroom as a lounge or TV room.


There’s nothing like lighting for setting the mood, even more so if the light fittings are design features in their own right.  A crystal chandelier is a traditional choice for a bedroom, but there are ultra-modern versions available too.  If you want to go high-tech or surreal, think about upright floor standing neon tubes (Heals supply them in a selection of colours), or an outsize floor-standing Anglepoise lamp.

    retro    lamp2

If you want to go the retro route, there’s also a theatre spot or flood light.  A bedside / reading lamp is also a must, and if you want to leave your side table clear, invest in a flush-mounted stainless steel reading lamp that folds flat into the wall.

Furniture and Fittings

Beside the bed itself, an iconic designer armchair makes a defining room feature.  Think about an Eames recliner with a matching stool: a Jacobsen ‘Egg’ chair, or recover a traditional Louis XIV style chair with a bright, pop-art fabric.  The originals can be a bit pricey, but moderately prices reproductions are available.


Other decorative features could include a period (or repro) mantelpiece (with a vase of dried flowers where the fireplace would have been); a Victorian style wall gallery of pictures or photographs – or its modern equivalent, a narrow photo shelf or shelves.



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