Go to the movies every night – In a home cinema loft conversion

Home cinema loft conversion

Home cinema loft conversion

You follow the usherette’s torch, settle yourself comfortably in the Dress Circle, and gaze up as the velvet drapes part and the safety curtain rises.  The murmur of conversation dies to an expectant hush as the music swells and brilliant shafts of light pierce the gloom and illuminate the silver screen.

Can anything recapture the authentic Technicolour and Surround Sound thrill of cinema?  Well yes actually, in these days of home cinema, it can.  And in a well-appointed and properly equipped loft conversion, it can be even more magical.

No clumsy latecomers, tripping over your feet; no hulking bodies blocking your view, and no whisperers and crisp packet rattlers to distract from the drama.  Just sprawl back in your favourite armchair with a drink at your elbow and enjoy the show!  Converting your loft in a home cinema or media / entertainment room makes a real occasion of family viewing at the weekends, and gives you a private den to retreat to at other times.

No more battles over sport versus soaps or documentaries versus costume dramas.  A set-aside entertainment room ensures no-one misses their favourite TV programmes. It also makes an excellent retreat when you want to surf the net, listen to music, read or indulge in a bout of video gaming!  A truly versatile – and peace keeping – addition to the family home.

How you equip your entertainment room will depend on your viewing and listening preferences (and budget), but you can get free advice and quotations from specialists who can supply and install everything you need from cinema chairs, high definition plasma screens, HD projectors, amplifiers and blu-ray players – as well as a full complement of audio and IT hardware.

If you want to add a little ambience, you could acquire and frame some movie posters for the walls (originals – which are investments in themselves, can be bought from originalposters.co.uk, or you can find reproductions at arthouseinternational.com).  And what about a popcorn maker or mini-fridge for those interval snacks?

In terms of construction, converting your loft into an entertainment room is little different from converting it to a lounge or bedroom, although you might want to give special consideration to access (a wide stairway is recommended to accommodate large furniture          like armchairs and sofas); plentiful electrical sockets (for audio-visual equipment and computer hardware); and additional sound proofing (if you want to recreate the authentic Surround Sound experience!)

If that sounds like a lot of trouble and expense to go to for a cinema ticket, think of the value a loft conversion (of any kind) will add to your property (around 20% on top of its current value); the ease with which it can be accomplished (just 6 weeks work in most cases); and the bonus of being able to put up friends and relatives (it will double nicely as a spare bedroom).

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