I’m a family member – Get me out of here!

Ever feel like you’re on the set of a reality TV show?  Even in the happiest of homes there are times when the others get on your nerves or under your feet and tensions begin to mount.  Family ties become binds and you long to break free for a bit of quality time – alone!

You could escape to the golf course or indulge in a bit of retail therapy up West, but there is a solution closer to home, and one you can retreat to any time you want – a loft conversion.

For instance.  It’s Sunday afternoon.  You want to watch the Grand Prix and your better half wants to watch a weepy rom com.  No problem.  You grab a six pack and decamp for the loft conversion which magically transforms itself into a TV lounge.

Or say it’s been a gruelling day at the office.  All you want to do is relax in your armchair with a scotch and the daily crossword.  Meanwhile your teenage son wants to play a noisy video game or thrash out a few chords on his guitar.

computer with cat next to her

Or maybe the boot’s on the other foot and the kid’s need somewhere quiet to do their homework whilst you unwind by belting out your big band collection on the stereo.  Simple.  On this this occasion your loft conversion transforms itself into a study or music room (he can even invite his friends round for a band practice!)

And that’s just when coping with the everyday vagaries of life.  Some of the bigger life changes – like bringing home a new baby or the retirement of the family breadwinner – can make those four walls feel a bit too close for comfort.  Once again a loft conversion comes to the rescue by transforming itself into a nursery on the one hand, or a hobby room or husband crèche on the other (so much more civilised than a garden shed!)

As you can see, the beauty of a loft conversion is its versatility.  As a family living space it’s second only to a kitchen, especially if you give careful thought to the furnishings.  A put-you-up settee that makes up as a comfortable double bed is a good idea, as is a chest of drawers or storage system that can be used variously for linen, videos, books and stationery requisites; or a table that serves as a desk, dresser, worktop or TV stand.

Add a drop leaf table and some stacking chairs and you’re ready for anything.  In fact once you’ve converted your loft you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Watching a reality show is much more fun than being in one.  So when you’re looking for an escape hatch or a bolt hole, give us a call and we’ll fix you up!

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