In the heat of the night: How to stay cool in your loft conversion

stay cool in your loft

Creating an extra bedroom is one of the most popular reasons for converting a loft, and with the hot summer weather we are currently enjoying (or enduring, depending on your point of view!) keeping it cool enough for a good night’s sleep is a key consideration.

But what are the best ways to stay cool in your loft room?

Since heat rises naturally, the roof space is usually the warmest part of a house, so good insulation is as important in avoiding heat build-up in summer as it is in preventing heat loss in winter.  At Herts & Essex Lofts that’s something we give special attention to in the construction of our conversions, and on which we will be pleased to advise you.

Equally important, of course, is good ventilation.  The simplest way to achieve it is to open your windows an hour or so before retiring to release residual heat build-up and allow air to circulate freely.

Direct sunlight through glass is a primary cause of heat build-up, and can be a problem if you are trying to stay cool in your loft room. During the day keep curtains or shutters closed and draw all blinds (especially on Velux windows, which are a standard feature on many loft conversions).

A more expensive, but also more effective, way to stay cool in your loft is with air conditioning, although heat waves are still a rarity in Britain, and one or two well-placed electric fans would probably make a more sensible investment.

Cool rules

There are also some simple ‘cool rules’ you could follow that cost you nothing and will help you stay cool in your loft room:

First, take a tepid shower before going to bed.  Not a cold one, since that will close your pores and be counter-productive.  Lukewarm is best as it’ll leave you feeling fresh and keep your body temperature down.

Next, throw any heavy blankets or duvets off your bed and replace them with something light – cotton sheets are ideal – with an open weave blanket on stand-by in case it turns chill in the early hours.  If the night’s a real scorcher, try putting your sheets and pillow cases in the freezer half an hour before going to bed.  They’ll feel deliciously cool, and should stay that way long enough for you to drift off to sleep comfortably.

Similarly, sleep in cool cotton pyjamas or night wear – not synthetics which can be clammy and sticky.  Natural fabrics ‘breathe’ and allow moisture to evaporate – even more effectively than sleeping in the buff!

Finally, as any desert dweller will tell you, the key to survival in hot weather is to drink plenty of water.  Drink plenty during the day, and if you have wine or beer in the evening, keep a pitcher of water on your bedside table to avoid dehydration!

Hopefully this information will help you to stay cool in your loft room. If you haven’t yet converted your existing loft space but are considering doing so, get in touch with us on 01279 654 716 or via the contact page on our website.

We’d be more than happy to pop round for a cold drink and a chat!

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