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Converting your loft is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your hot water system, especially if the conversion you have in mind is a guest bedroom with en suite shower and WC.  Very likely your existing hot water tank will need re-siting anyway, so installing a more compact and efficient one makes a lot of sense, and will save on energy and fuel bills into the bargain.

The best and most economical boiler type for your home will depend to a large extent on the size and location of your property, and our qualified gas fitters and electricians will be pleased to advise you on the respective merits of gas or oil-fired, conventional or condensing boilers.

Generally speaking, gas-fired boilers are the most economical, and if your home has a gas supply, they would usually be your best option.  Costs compare very favourably with oil-fired boilers, which can be twice as expensive to run on a like for like basis.  For country houses or cottages that are not on the gas main you can choose between oil or LPG fired boilers, but there are economies to be made even here.

Heating technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and most modern homes are fitted with condensing boilers as standard.  If your property is old enough to still feature a conventional boiler, we would definitely recommend replacing it with a condensing boiler when you convert.  Amongst other things, it recycles used heat, making it considerably more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The other factor to consider when choosing a new boiler is capacity.  In small properties, ‘combi’ boilers – which connect direct to the waters main and deliver heat and hot water on demand – are a no-brainer.  They’re extremely versatile and their compact design makes them easy to accommodate in your new loft conversion.

For larger properties, which need a greater volume of heat and hot water, heat-only boilers may be specified.  These high capacity models supply heat direct to radiators and draw on a storage system for hot water.

To improve hot water pressure we also recommend fitting unvented cylinders.  If you go with a combi boiler, for example, the best option is a direct unvented cylinder with electrically heated immersion elements.  For conventional or system boilers we recommend an indirect unvented cylinder heated by boiler primaries with electric immersion heater back up.

Does the brand of your boiler make a difference?  At Herts & Essex Lofts we would say yes, with the rider that we don’t represent or get paid a commission by any boiler manufacturer.   Based on our own professional experience – and the favourable reports of our customers – one brand we would certainly recommend is Vaillant, for their good customer service, ease of maintenance and ready availability of replacement parts.  For unvented cylinders we would recommend Heatrae Sadia Megaflo or Vaillant’s Uni Store.

Furthermore, all our work is guaranteed, and the installation of heating and hot water systems is undertaken by our Gas Safe and NICEIC registered professionals.

Hopefully this post has answered most of your loft boiler queries, but if you have any other questions, or would like to arrange a free, no obligation quotation, please call us today on 01279 654 716 or fill out our online form.

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