Loft conversion project in Chingford

Location – London, 2009

Project – Loft Extension and Home Renovation

Deadline – Six months

Client – Private

Mr and Mrs Smith considered their chalet style bungalow to be dated and too small for their needs. It consisted of four bedrooms, with one being very small and unusable for anything except storage. There was a downstairs bathroom alongside an old conservatory on the back of the property, complete with rickety sliding doors and old draughty windows. Herts and Essex Lofts were contacted to help improve the home, which had not had any works completed since the early 1980s.

The brief

After an initial consultation, Herts & Essex Lofts were tasked with providing a loft extension and complete home renovation in order to modernise the look and feel of the home. More space was generally needed throughout the property, as well as a solution to the draughty and cold interior.

Work begins

The home was modernised throughout by Herts & Essex Lofts home renovation team. In order to create a feeling of more space, existing rooms were opened up and used for different purposes. Four good sized bedrooms were created with the addition of a loft conversion, with the problem of the existing small bedroom overcome by converting it into a bathroom, and the old bathroom was converted into a study.

Overcoming problems

A loft conversion was completed as requested, but it was not a straightforward bungalow conversion. Herts & Essex Lofts specialist builders were required to take the roof off the property and then actually convert the bungalow into a house before adding the loft conversion – major works that required detailed building regulations to be followed.

The results

After all work was completed, Mr and Mrs Smith were delighted with the outcome. The whole house had a more modern feel throughout, had a bathroom on each floor, a place to work and more room generally throughout the property. The renovation also included a new extended kitchen, black slate patio and power and lighting in the garage. The old conservatory was removed and replaced by stunning French doors and double glazed windows overlooking a new look garden.

Within six months, Herts and Essex Lofts had performed home improvements and renovations that usually take place over the course of 20 years.

What the client said

“Marc promised us he would be on site every day to inspect the work and he was good to his word. We were very impressed with Herts and Essex Lofts attention to detail, as it is the little things that make all the difference. They were able to adapt to challenges and the odd request we threw their way without fuss or delay, and we must say that compared to the builders who constructed our extension in the 1980s, Marc’s team were streets ahead. We would highly recommend them to anyone; in fact we have had them back twice ourselves. Marc is a genuinely nice person and performed well above our expectations.”