Loft conversions in North and East London

House prices in London are slowly beginning to rise again and homeowners are faced with the difficult choice of relocating at a huge cost or renovating their homes. By enhancing your home with a new loft conversion or attic conversion you can increase the amount of floor space dramatically.

Do you have a home in London that could do with more space?

Why not find out if you can add more space to your home.

As house prices remain unstable it makes sense to update rather than relocate and the best way to increase the value of your home is to add more space.

Herts and Essex Lofts have over 20 years’ experience building brilliant extensions and attic conversions all across Essex and their expertise will really make a difference.

Get in touch with our London specialist loft team today and find out just how much value you can add to your home – without needing to get a new mortgage!

We have listed a few of our loft conversion and extension projects on our Gallery page for you to see just how great your home can look.