Loft conversions

Turn a lumber room into a living room …

Or an added bedroom, home office, TV lounge or what you will. Of all these options open to improving home owners, a loft conversion is by far the quickest, easiest and least expensive.

Unlike moving home, or even extending your existing property, it involves minimal upheaval and, since it rarely involves major structural changes, it can usually be achieved without the need for planning consent.

The only limit is your imagination

How you use the additional room is down to your personal needs and preferences, but within the loft space the only limit is your imagination. And with the addition of dormer or Velux roof windows you can turn the room into a light, airy space that will make the perfect guest bedroom, playroom, studio, study or gym.

We will work along with you to help you see the possibilities, plan the space and realise its potential.

An investment that pays for itself

The beauty of a loft conversion, apart from a new found sense of space and freedom, is the fact that the cost can often be offset by the value it adds to your property. House market research conducted by Nationwide found that a loft conversion typically adds 21% to the value of a property: which makes it an investment that pays for itself over time.