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Nursery loft conversion

As any parent will tell you, having your first child is a life-changing event – one that is not only guaranteed to take up most of your free time, but most of your free space as well!  Happily, it’s one of which you usually have plenty of warning, and when it comes to converting your loft into a nursery, plenty of time to prepare for.

Converting a loft in a typical two or three bedroom house can usually be completed with 6 weeks – leaving you 7½ months to deliberate over the design and décor!

A loft nursery makes a spacious and light-filled alternative to a box room (which can be cramped and claustrophobic) and an altogether nicer environment in which to spend one’s formative years.  It will also do double duty as a playroom as baby grows into a toddler, and a rumpus room for teens and in-betweens.

And since the floor plate of a loft usually occupies the same footprint as the property, there’s even the option of partitioning the space to create an adjoining bedroom, so mum and dad can be close at hand for those night feeds and other urgent calls of duty!

Essentially, converting your loft into a nursery loft conversion is much the same as converting it to a spare or guest bedroom, although there are one or two special considerations that need to be borne in mind in terms of construction.

As we mentioned, babies need lots of accessories, so you’ll want to allow for plenty of storage space, and make the most of the space do have with dual purpose furniture – like a dresser with a changing mat on top, or a blanket box with a padded seat.

Safety, of course, is of first importance, so you’ll want to ensure that the balcony railing is sturdy and secure with narrow gaps between the balusters, and that access stairs are gated top and bottom.  Windows should be lockable, and ideally fitted with safety screens or guards.

As baby starts crawling, you’ll also want to avoid placing furniture under windows or near the balcony, where he might clamber up and do himself a mischief!  Similarly, electrical points should be childproof and situated up beyond the reach of childish hands.

That said, a loft space offers a safe haven for children’s play – especially as they grow older – and you can happily leave them to their own devices without the worries often attendant on letting them play outdoors.

Needless to say, we have considerable experience in converting lofts into nurseries and playrooms, and we’ll be happy to talk to talk your project through with you and help you design and build one that meets your needs as well as all health and safety requirements and recommendations.

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