Prepare for the unexpected guest – With a loft conversion

Guest bedroom

“If you’re ever in my part of the world, drop by anytime …” is one of those casual invitations that has a habit of rebounding on you when acquaintances – perhaps that nice couple you meet on holiday and had a few drinks with – take you at your word and turn up on your doorstep with a suitcase!

It’s on occasions like that that the advantages of having converted your loft into a guest bedroom become truly apparent.  Of course, that’s admittedly a long shot: a more likely scenario for those of us living within easy access of Stansted Airport is that friends and relatives want to drop by for a stopover enroute or returning from their overseas holidays.

“And by the way, do you mind if we leave our car in your drive – and could you give us a lift into the airport at 4am?”

Who was it that said ‘a friend in need is a pest?’  But in truth, with a loft guest room, it’s a lot less of an inconvenience than it would otherwise be, and you can usually count on a couple of bottles of duty free as a thank you!

That’s just a couple of incidental benefits of converting your loft to a guest room.  The prime advantage is being able to welcome family and friends at your invitation, perhaps for that annual get together around Christmas or the New Year.

And speaking of the New Year, or other occasions when you plan to party through the night, guests can sleep over in comfort (no exorbitant taxi journeys or designated drivers on soft drinks), and come morning no bodies to trip over on the living room floor or draped over the three-piece suite.  Equip your guest room with an ensuite, and there’ll be no queues for the bathroom either.

Other family contingencies when a loft guest room comes into its own are when your son returns from uni and he and his girlfriend want to live in while they look for a flat; when your daughter falls out with her husband and wants to come home to mum; when you or your partner are sick (or snore intolerably!); or when your younger children want to invite friends for a sleep-over.

Converting your loft into a guest bedroom means you’ll be able to take most family emergencies in your stride, but it’s there for the nicer things in life as well, like giving hospitality and enjoying the company of friends.  It will also add considerably to the value of your property – typically by around 20% or £50,000 on a £250,000 home, which will more than pay for the cost of conversion, and thus represents an excellent financial investment.

But perhaps its greatest value is its versatility.  When your family circumstances change, the uses you put to your loft conversion can change with it: perhaps to a nursery, home office, gym or home cinema.  Watch this space or see our previous blogs for more great loft conversion ideas.

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