Relax – A ‘snoring room’ is the latest in loft conversions!

It might seem a drastic measure to take to escape a snoring spouse, but the latest trend amongst luxury home buyers is properties with a ‘snoring’ room as a standard feature, or a ‘second master suite’ as they are euphemistically described on architects’ plans!

Stephen Lindsay, the head of the upmarket Savills estate agency in St John’s Wood says that demand for a snoring room is growing, especially among international buyers.  “They are both tickled by the English humour when we announce the snoring room, but also attracted to the flexibility it allows”.

For those who can’t afford the luxury of a purpose-built property with ‘His & Hers’ bedrooms –but suffer sleepless nights alongside a snoring spouse – there’s an economical and no less effective solution: a loft conversion.

Complaining of a mate who snores may sound comical to acquaintances, but for the sufferer it can be distressing and debilitating, especially when the only prospect of relief is to sleep on the sofa and develop a permanent crick in the neck!  In those circumstances, a loft conversion begins to look like a very good investment.

Having said that, you don’t need to live with a snorer to appreciate the flexibility of having a spare bedroom.  It might be that you’re a light sleeper, or that you or your partner has got the flu.  And if you like reading in bed (or watching TV or surfing the net into the early hours –        now so much easier since the coming of tablets and laptops) it’s nice to have somewhere comfortable to decamp to.

And don’t forget that a sound proof loft conversion keeps sound out as well as in – which is a key consideration if you’re a night worker who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of your family’s comings and goings during the day!

On top of which, of course, a loft conversion is not just for escapes and emergencies. A second master suite would make a superior guest bedroom; a self-contained annexe for grandparents or stay at home children who like a bit of independence; or indeed anything you want from a nursery to a home office.

On reading this blog, one of the girls in the office complained that she can’t sleep at night because her dog snores!  Whilst we have yet to receive a commission to convert a loft space into a kennel, we’re always open to new challenges!

And as we never tire of pointing out, a loft conversion is an investment in its own right that can add 20% to the value of a property, which means that should you eventually decide to sell, you’ll more than get your money back.

Think on that if you’re suffering from insomnia.  Counting your profits is so much more fun that counting sheep!

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