The Tardis Project: Convert your home, for more space and time!

If anyone merits the role of the next Doctor Who, it’s probably our Managing Director Marc Loppas, who has the uncanny ability to conjure acres of extra space in properties you would have thought were stretched to their limit accommodation-wise.

Although in his case it’s not so much Doctor Who as Doctor How.  Just by looking at a redundant loft space he can suggest a dozen different useful transformations.  “Most people who come to us for a loft conversion are looking for an extra bedroom” says Marc, “but once its lumber free and refurbished they’re often surprised how versatile it can be.  A loft can double as a home office, TV room, studio or gym, but even as a bedroom it’s possible to ring the changes”.

Listed below are some of the possibilities.

Master Bedroom

You may have conceived it as an extra bedroom, but given the option of having a whole floor of the house to yourself you might be tempted to make it the master bedroom, especially if you’ve added an en suite shower and WC, which saves you queuing with the rest of the    family for the use of the communal bathroom!

Guest Bedroom

Whether it be for high days and holidays, a flying visit from friends or a family reunion, a loft conversion lets you play mine host in style.  It also means your guests can enjoy a lie-in without feeling they’re disrupting the family routine – or you theirs – because they’re camped out on the living room sofa!

Sickness / Snoring Room

Look on it as the Great Escape or a welcome retreat – depending on whether you’re the offender or the offended, the sufferer or the long-suffering spouse!  It’s also a boon for night workers who don’t want to be disturbed by the family’s comings and goings or, dare we say it? – a comfortable alternative for those who have been sent to the doghouse!

Nursery / Playroom

Planned for or not, a new arrival in the family makes as many demands on your space as they do on your time, and a loft conversion makes a much more agreeable environment for a growing child than a box room, which is often the default choice for a nursery.  It also allows oodles of room for their clothes and toys, and makes a safe, secure play area for the adventurous toddler your baby will soon turn into.


We could go on …

We could also add that a loft conversion offers self-contained accommodation for gran and grandad, or stay-at-home adult children who can’t yet afford a place of their own – but we think you get the picture.  It’s supremely versatile.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us now and book an appointment!

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