Why choose a specialist loft conversion company?


Whilst a loft conversion promises new found space and freedom, many fear that, during construction, it will have the opposite effect: that of cramping their style and disrupting their home life. Another nagging worry is that once a project has begun it may be put on hold at the whim of the contractor, or that they will be presented with a bill for additional costs that were not within the original quotation.

These are legitimate concerns that we at Herts & Essex Lofts are concerned to reassure our customers about. When we give a quotation and agree a schedule for a job, you can rely on   us to deliver on-time and within budget. Here’s why:

Not all builders are the same
Building a loft conversion draws on a number of different trade skills that are not normally all found under one roof. As a consequence, builders who take on conversion work generally sub-contract carpentry, plumbing, electrical and plastering work – with all the variables in timing and standards of work that that implies.

As a specialist loft conversion company, we employ our own dedicated team of qualified tradespeople, giving us access to all the necessary skills in-house. As a result we are in control of the whole process and can plan and progress it with maximum efficiency.

We live up to our promise
We’re organised, and to prove it we’ll give you an advance schedule of what we plan to do week by week. Most loft conversions can be completed within six weeks, and with us that means six consecutive weeks – not six weeks fitted in here and there between other jobs! If, because of size or special conditions, your conversion is likely to take longer, we’ll tell you – and give you a firm completion date – before we begin.

To minimise disruption, a good deal of construction work – like production of the staircase and manufacture of windows – will be completed off-site. Most major construction work will be done during the first three weeks, and a fair proportion of that will be external work. So we won’t be getting under your feet, and we pride ourselves on being clean, quiet and efficient workers.

Your inspection is invited
Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the best way to reassure yourself about the quality of our workmanship – and timekeeping – is to see the finished result and talk to some of our satisfied customers. We’d be pleased to arrange a viewing or call and show you our portfolio. In the meantime, please check out the client testimonials on this website.

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