Why convert?

Live better for less

If you’re happy with your home location but need extra accommodation, a loft conversion or home extension offers the most practical, financially attractive solution.

More space, less hassle

Home improvement makes for minimal disruption in your pattern of life (as opposed to the major upheaval of moving home). You won’t be severing links with friends and neighbours; children won’t have to change schools; and there are few, if any, legalities to deal with, planning permission is rarely required for loft conversions, and is not always necessary for home extensions. (In any event, we take care of all that for you).

Cuts costs, adds value

A loft conversion rarely involves any major structural work, so costs are minimal compared to new building projects, and even building a home extension usually represents a saving over the costs of moving up the housing ladder. At the same time, both can add significantly to the value of your property. A loft conversion or home extension ranks only second to location as the most important factor in determining house prices, and will usually pay for themselves in added value.

A space uniquely your own

A new loft conversion or home extension can be whatever you want it to be: we will custom build it to your specification. Nowhere else (short of commissioning an architect designed house) will you find something so uniquely suited to your needs, and certainly not at our value-for-money prices.